I-F – Mixed Up In The Hague Volume 2

Mar 31, 2010

I-F Mixed Up In The Hague Volume 2 classic Italo disco and electro mix

I-F – Mixed Up In The Hague Volume 2

Soooo, Mixed Up In The Hague eh. You either just heard it for the first time at Cold Crush, or you have known it and loved it for years and got a nice reminder of an old favourite electro mix.

Either way, we know you dug it, and what you might not have known, is that there is a lesser known sequel to Mixed Up In The Hague! Part 2 was first heard of CBS, and later released as a CDr in 2006. Once again, I-F shows off some of the sharpest mixing around, seamlessly weaving together obscure Italo disco tracks with old school rap, electro funk, and party classics purely designed to make you wanna dance.

If you havn’t yet, go check out Intergalactic FM while this mix downloads. It’s Cold Crush’s favorite radio station and we know you will love it too — four stations of music to choose from playing everything from electro funk, old & new hip hop and minimal wave to disco, dub and even occasional doses of sludge metal and hardcore punk. Number 1 station on Planet Earth!

I-F – Mixed Up In The Hague Volume 2
01. Material – Don’t Lose Control
02. Junior Byron – Dance To The Music
03. Strafe – Set It Off
04. Night Moves – Transdance (New York Disco Mix)
05. Mirage – Woman
06. B.W.H. – Stop
07. Kid Frost – Terminator
08. Project Future – Ray-Gun-Omics
09. Casco – Cybernetic Love
10. Steel Mind – Bad Passion
11. Pete Shelley – I Don’t Know What It Is
12. International Music System – Nonline
13. Gino Soccio – Dancer
14. Elektrik Funk – On A Journey (I Sing The Funk Electric)
15. Cellophane – Gimme Love
16. ‘Lectric Workers – Robot Is Systematic
17. Sparks – Beat The Clock
18. Heather Parisi – Disco Bambina
19. The Parallax Corporation – Antisocial Tendencies
20. Models – J.R. Robot
21. Scotch – Penguin’s Invasion
22. Brand Image – Are You Loving?
23. Thanya – Freedom
24. Goblin – Flashing

Electro mix lovers stay tuned — the next episode of Cold Crushin’ Mixes will be coming up soon, mixed by the only and only Dr. Hysteric from Melbourne. The good Doctor informed us that he has dug hard in the crates, pulling out a bit of everything, from Invasion Planete records to Hague electro, b-boy stuff and some synth-pop. We are hot for it and you should be too!

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I-F – Mixed Up In The Hague Volume 2

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  1. July 17, 2012

    great mixtape coldcrush, but why are you’re sayin’ obscure italo disco? this genre was one of the cornerstones of much later chicago house.. so personally i think it has deserved a little bit respect ;-) are you remixing tracks of other too? i’ve got one @soundcloud, and need a remix, many greetings..

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